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SEO Basics: The Truth About SEO

Mastering SEO basics will help your business get exposure and grow. Yet many people believe it is dead because it doesn’t matter anymore with social media. And some other people believe that SEO is only about getting the #1 ranking on a Google search. While many believe it to be outright manipulation. But the truth is SEO is still very much alive and important. It is sort of like a cat- easy to own, yet a very complicated creature and with nine lives.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is the way that all major search engines, like Google, Bing,  and Yahoo, rank and show web pages that are considered most relevant to users.  The pages are ranked by organic, meaning free, search results. Paid search ads aren’t figured into this ranking.

How long for results?

This is usually where most people are thrown off.  They believe that SEO is something that takes effect pretty quickly but it usually takes anywhere from 3-6 months before you see results.  The large range has to do with the fact that SEO is not a one size fits all.  And several factors go into when results are seen.

Having a good SEO ranking does help to get more exposure to your business.  Yet having the #1 spot or even getting on the first page does not guarantee good conversion rates.  It is much better to focus on getting good conversion rates from your ranking that just getting a good ranking.

SEO ranking is something that is best done slow and steady just like the tortoise.  And when this vision is lost many businesses lose interest.  It is something that is worth the investment.  But it will take some time and it is something that needs constant caring after to continue to work to its fullest potential.  It is not something that is done once and works forever.

I love this analogy from SEOMechanic, “SEO is an investment. Think of SEO as a 401k approach versus a roulette approach. Your efforts will begin to compound over time and gradually deliver greater returns the longer you do it.”

SEO Basics

So what do you really need to get a good SEO ranking? Here’s 4 basics to master to improve your SEO.


Keywords bring in your targeted traffic.  If the keyword is too board, it will be harder to bring in traffic since there will be a lot of competition.  But using the right keywords will bring in the right traffic to your site and help your business grow. Focusing solely on keywords isn’t the way to go either in today’s evolving SEO.  Keywords do need to be researched but having quality content is being valued much more as it is more relevant to the user.

2. Competition

Your business and location all affect your SEO rankings as well.  If you are in a saturated market with a lot more competition, it will take longer to rank.  Also if you are going for local SEO, national SEO to even global SEO affect the time for rankings to improve.  The bigger the market the longer it takes to rank.

3. Content

It has been said the content is king.  In part that is a correct statement because quality content, the one that is really easy for consumers to read and find the relevant information they are seeking is the most important.  It really isn’t about churning out a lot of content.  It is about quality over quantity,  A very good blog post or article has more weight in the SEO rankings than 10 articles that do not give any real information.

4. Link building

It used to be that having lots of links back to your website guaranteed better SEO ranking.  But things have changed and this has gotten to be another element that quality over quantity is more important.  You do want to get links back to your website from other sites, but if they are coming from low-quality sites it will hurt instead of help.  Focus on getting quality links from relevant websites.  Rankings have shifted into a more natural approach and any indication of manipulation with harm you.  This means that your link building should be gradual.

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