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Are you using the right social media channels for your business?

Using social media for getting more exposure for your business is definitely a good idea.  It helps get a larger audience and helps get your brand story a great platform.  So of course, I get asked many, many times will Facebook work for my business?  Or will Instagram work for my business?

My answer is always, ”Well, it depends.  What is your business?”  I have to answer with a question because different social media channels work better for different types of businesses.


Facebook is a great social media channel for creating a community.  Businesses no longer thrive on this channel with just having a business page.  The best ways of utilizing Facebook is creating a group and sharing exclusive content to that group.  This community will get content that you curate and notifications about said posts.  But it also a place where your members can interact with each other.

The other great way to grow you business on Facebook is by using paid Facebook advertising.  You can boost a post or create a custom ad that reach your predetermined audience.

So who does Facebook work best for?  Almost everyone, many businesses and business owners are on Facebook even if it is a purely social channel.  Retail, beauty, restaurants and other service companies can have more content like daily posts.


Instagram is another great social media channel.  Many businesses promote their services with picture of the results they get.  Or pictures of the products they sell.  Definitely amassing followers here will help your business exposure and let potential clients see what you have to offer.

I love to link Instagram accounts with Facebook so that whenever you post a picture on Instagram you have the ability to share to Facebook instantly.  And this linking applies for more than just shares posts.  When doing Facebook adds, if you have a linked Instagram account the ads will also be automatically sent to Instagram as well.

So who does Instagram work best for?  Retail, beauty, restaurants or anyone with physical products or results to show the world.  Lots of personal trainers and even plastic surgeons use it for before and afters.  This is not one that I recommend so much for business to business type companies.


Yes, LinkedIn is a social media channel.  It is more of a professional/business social media channel, with many of the same possibilities as Facebook.  You can create a group and build a professional community on it through that group.

It even has advertising as well with multiple options for creating the ads.  You can send in-mail ads, sponsored content and text ads.

So who does LinkedIn work best for?  It really is for companies that are business to business companies.  Or companies that help professionals like resume services, recruiting services, etc.


Twitter is a great social media channel for communicating with customers.  It helps build a community as well with followers.  The drawback to Twitter is the character limit to each tweet.  But people have found ways around it.  But for business communication it is best to keep it short and sweet.

There are paid ads on Twitter as well.  But it is a different approach than other social media channels.

So who does Twitter work best for?  Twitter is similar to Facebook in that pretty much any business can benefit from it.  It really is great for any business wanting to start a conversation.


Pinterest is a wonderful social media channel for products and creations. You can pin and showcase your brand.  So what you pin is important.  Also making your posts on your own website pinnacle is very important.

There are business accounts and tools available that make it easier for businesses to reach a broad audience. And of course advertising.

So who does Pinterest work best for?  Pinterest is best for any business that has physical products, like retailers or creates a product- designers, bakers, etc.


Youtube is the last of the major social media channels.  Youtube is the second largest search engine.  And it is shown that traffic that visits your website from Youtube is more engaged.  You can create and upload videos of all kinds that tell your brand story, give information, are tutorials, and pretty much your imagination is the limit.  Video is a major player in digital marketing.  People love watching videos.

Youtube has video ads, analytics and can help make some side income as well.  So it is a worth wild channel to try out.

Who does Youtube work best for?  This is similar to Facebook and Twitter, where most businesses would and can benefit from using Youtube.  Even if it is just client video testimonials video is on the rise and a major player in the digital marketing world.


We covered the major channels for social media.  There are some other players as well, but the ones you use for your business ultimately come down to who your target market is and what sort of business you have.

If you’re ready to use social media to the advantage of your business, I’m ready to help.